Our Little Family Mission

Is to provide a quality, trendy lax'd clothing line that has some type of ‘Feel Good Vibes’ for all ages with a little bit of Te Reo Māori. We want everyone worldwide of all cultures to enjoy our language and understand the meanings. Whether you're a beginner or wanted to take the plunge & learn Te Reo Māori but haven't, there's no time like the present : ) 

To help we've added brief explanations in the descriptions section under the items, and some bilingual hoodies too. A tiny contribution to share our language via our website, our mihi (greeting) & headings to promote our beautiful language. 

We're trying to do our bit by contributing to our local community by printing ourselves here in South Auckland, sourcing our clothes from West Auckland, inks from East Auckland plus our local couriers who are always working hard to get products to your doorstep. 

Eventually, we'd love to design our own apparel, create our own labels but Māmā says one day at a time Grasshoppers...

We'd also like to one day share what we have learnt within our community, if we become more established hehe. When people say reach for the stars, our dream would be to have a massive warehouse filled with our brand & create jobs in South Auckland someday especially for our youth. 

We're going to try our best with our big aspirations and know good things take time. Taking a chance at life & learning as we go, while spreading the good vibes. 

Ehara i te Tī (Y.O.L.O) You Only Live Once, 

Arohanui KRS Apparel xxx


 Lil bit about us


A Little Bit About Us 

Tēnā koutou katoa, (Hey everyone)

We're a tiny family business of two 14-year-old twin sisters and our Māmā, Kuramairangi, Reimirirangi and Skye (K.R.S Apparel). From around the age of 7, we've always wanted to find a job so we can contribute in any way to help our Māmā, plus have extra spending money lol. 

We wanted to work at Countdown, KFC, the local dairy and our fave of all time Krispy Kreme, for free doughnuts...

Our Māmā had other plans and both of us went for it, we love cool funky clothing especially for dance but to come up with the designs, & then wear our own stuff is pretty cool. Lots of our mates at school love our gear too, which makes us happy, we are brand new and launched on September 16 2020. 

As a family, we watched videos on setting up our basic website, visited AS Colour to touch & get a feel of the clothing. (Seeing the colours in person was super cool) Met with printers, self-taught basic designs with an app, fonts, colours, centering YOU NAME IT! & here we are three months later, ready to give this a good go!

We're no experts & always open to hear from people with cool ideas, apps or easy to use courses to help us grow our skillset. We're at school or have sports during the day so we'll reply in the evenings, as soon as we can.

We're grateful for all the Aroha (love) & support, we really hope there is a little something for everyone.

Much love from,

Kuramairangi, Reimirirangi & Skye xxx