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Te Reo Māori & English

REHEKŌ (Lessgoo)


Explore the heart of Aotearoa's compassion through our charitable endeavors. Supporting Tauranga Women's Refuge, we stand with the resilient women breaking free from domestic violence. Honoring Linda Munn a creator of Te Kara Māori, we pay homage to advocate's Jan Smith and Hiraina Marsden.

I am Hope run by the indomitable Mike King and Gumboot Friday, we strive to bring light to troubled teenage minds. Having lost a dear friend to suicide, our commitment is to create hope through each sale, contributing to mental health awareness I am Hope. We aim to run two fundraisers per year with new designs. 

Beyond clothing excellence, we extend our reach to Christmas initiatives, gifting joy to families in South Auckland. From supporting local fundraisers to sponsoring small events, our journey is to quietly uplift, with a goal to grow and touch more lives within our community.

Join us on social media as we share the stories of impact, fostering a community that cares. 

KRS Apparel



Kia ora koutou katoa, nau mai ki te paetukutuku o KRS Apparel, welcome to our website.

We are excited to announce [Afterpay] rehekō!

Our mission is to help promote Te Reo Māori in a fun way and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable about wearing Te Reo, speaking Te Reo & sharing Te Reo one day at a time. Our kākahu (clothing) is for everyone.

Any questions flick us a message on the bottom right (messenger icon) or click on our social media handles top right corner. We are pretty responsive & will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for stopping by, take care & be good to others and most importantly be good to yourself.


KRS Apparel xox

Kuramairangi, Reimirirangi & Skye

Lil Bit About Us

We're a tiny family business of two 15 year-old twin sisters and our Māmā, Kuramairangi, Reimirirangi and Skye (K.R.S Apparel). From around the age of 7, we've always wanted to find a job so we can contribute in any way to help our Māmā, plus have extra spending money lol. 


Our Lil Family Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality, trendy lax'd clothing line that has some type of ‘Feel Good Vibes’ for all ages with a little bit of Te Reo Māori. We want everyone worldwide of all cultures to enjoy our language and understand the meanings. Whether you're a beginner or wanted to take the plunge & learn Te Reo Māori but haven't, there's no time like the present : )